Pictures from IFLA 2005

August  2005
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Pictures from

Anders Ericson

Pictures from

Ingjerd Skrede

The basement of Biblioteksentralen, volunteers working.

The Press Conference in Plaza Hotel and some pictures from the badge packing

The rigging in Spektrum and people arriving at the check-in.

The Mini Bottle Museum

Kick-off for volunteers, Library busses, rehearsel for the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony

Police with Bomb dogs, President's report, The Opening Ceremony

From the Exhibit hall. Snacks and wine. Exhibitors

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City-tours and other stuff.

Thr National LIbrary

The Grand Opening.

Åse Kleveland and pictures from the exhibition

Cultural evening at The Folkmuseum

NOC plus different pictures.

From the reception in the Town Hall

Closing session

Volunteers party



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The pictures on display here are only in 72 dpi, but they are also available in print quality. (300 dpi)

You can contact me on this address if you would like to buy printed copies or pictures in a high resolution.